Mobilità aziendale
per il privato/singolo utente

Mobalt is an application that identifies and proposes the best alternatives for commuting to and from work and then allows you to book transport tickets or selected vehicles. It is aimed at private users and employees of affiliated companies. It takes into account all mobility offers in the territory, integrating them with specific options adapted to companies or regions.

The application is available for both iOS and Android.

The problem

Companies want to implement their own mobility plans and policies. However, employees are often hindered by the difficulty of finding information and the impracticality of booking methods. Companies, for their part, find it difficult to keep track of the options taken by individuals and the financial aspects.

The solution

Mobalt enables employees to identify and book the mobility options best suited to their needs on the basis of what the region has to offer, in line with company policy and taking advantage of available incentives. Mobalt integrates the various mobility options into a single solution, thus simplifying the change of means of transport.

In numbers

Mobility options supported








To know

The Mobalt application allows you to customise mobility offers according to the company you belong to. Currently, company shuttles, public transport, car sharing, slow mobility, combined mobility and company parking spaces are supported.

The Mobalt application enables communication between the various stakeholders through its integrated chat.

You can book the option you have chosen and pay your monthly bill by credit card.

Example of application

A company wants to change its mobility policy by introducing subsidised parking fees and company shuttles. With the Mobalt application, users can book shuttle routes and parking spaces according to rules and prices specifically designed for the company and pay comfortably by credit card directly from the application.