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Mobilità aziendale
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Studio Mobilità is an application that collects data on people's mobility for statistical purposes using the GPS of the smartphone and a web application.

The problem

Data on the mobility of people are very important for infrastructure planning and for a correct interpretation of current trends. However, the high cost of collecting these data by traditional methods severely limits their collection. On the other hand, the more abundant data often lack additional information that is essential for their interpretation.

The solution

Thanks to the smartphone's GPS, it is possible to considerably reduce the cost of data collection, allowing gaps to be filled in order to obtain more accurate information and better plan the future of our mobility.

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To know

Studio Mobilità has been a pioneering application of this methodology.

The application is specifically designed to collect data of a scientific nature and for statistical purposes, and in this aspect differs from many other solutions.

Studio Mobilità has been used by ETH Zurich, Uni Zurich, Uni Toronto.

Example of application

Catchacar is Mobility's new and popular car-sharing offer. It was introduced in Basel as the first city in Switzerland. ETH Zurich was commissioned by Mobility to study the effect of the new offer on citizens' mobility habits in order to evaluate and refine its service. ETH Zurich used Studio Mobilità for three different series of data collection over a period of 3 years.