Do you have an idea to develop a technology that improves mobility for your own use or for commercial purposes? Would you like to personalise one of our products? We are here for you!

To know

One of our main features is the use and development of innovative technologies to solve the challenges of the new mobility.

In the last five years, we have created two applications and three web applications internally in the field of mobility.

Mobitrends regularly collaborates with USI and SUPSI, the Canton of Ticino and SvizzeraEnergia, which has co-financed two projects through the innovation fund.

Example of application

Micro-census data are collected through costly and time-consuming telephone interviews. In 2013, we were the first in Switzerland to implement Studio Mobilità, an application that records mobility data via the GPS of a smartphone and an auxiliary data collection portal, as part of a very innovative project. In the meantime, the operating systems and GPS of smartphones have improved considerably, and the penetration rate has reached 80% of the population. The Federal Statistical Office is currently evaluating the possibilities of adding smartphone tracking to the next micro-census.